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PhotoPeak, Inc.
Scintillation Crystals and Detectors   
Superior Quality Through Advanced Technology
Founded in February 1998, PhotoPeak Inc. grows high quality Alkali Halide single crystals and manufactures nuclear detectors for advanced applications. Our unique growth technology - Advanced Interface Growth (AIG) - produces crystals which exhibit extraordinary sensitivity and low afterglow.

PhotoPeak has successfully provided crystals and detectors for applications in Nuclear Medicine, Space Exploration, Security, and Health Physics. We are committed to delivering reliable, high performance nuclear detectors.
  Expert Service
The use of nuclear radiation in areas of Nuclear Medicine, Non-Destructive Testing, Security, Geology, and Fundamental Science, is growing steadily. We offer our extensive expertise and knowlege in all these fields, to compliment our product selection, and achieve the best possible project results.
100% Quality Assurance
PhotoPeak has implemented a 100% quality assurance program, testing detectors based on client requirements. Our dedicated engineering staff will work closely with you, sharing their vast experience in radiation detector design and implementation. We will build the desired detector to your specifications, guaranteed...